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Graphics and Geometry Resources

Now here’s a positive consequence of 2020: There are plenty of awesome resources on graphics and geometry available online for everyone to watch, enjoy, and educate oneself. Here’s my current watch list.

Toronto Geometry Colloquium

This is a regular online seminar presenting varying topics from geometry processing and related disciplines such as computational fabrication, graphics, or 3D deep learning. The format is innovative: A 10 minute short presentation shows recent work and a longer 50 minute session provides a more in-depth presentation.

The talks are broadcast live on YouTube. Recordings are available on their YouTube channel as well. Checkout their website for more information.

Technion Seminar

The Technion Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing organizes an international seminar on geometric modeling, geometry processing, and computational geometry. The format is a more traditional one hour talk. Checkout their website for the program, schedule, and abstracts.

Symposium on Geometry Processing 2020

This year’s SGP conference talks are still available on YouTube. Checkout the program and the conference website. All paper sessions and keynotes are available on the conference YouTube channel.

Eurographics 2020

Similarly, this year’s Eurographics conference has lots of material online: There is a YouTube channel with all the paper sessions and keynotes. The conference papers are also freely accessible from the digital library.

Ke-Sen Huang’s Graphics Resources

Finally, a page that is always worth sharing: Ke-Sen Huang’s resources for computer graphics contains a curated list of graphics conferences, including links to full-text papers, videos, supplemental material, code, project pages, etc. Probably one of the most valuable resources on graphics out there.

Do you have a great resource on graphics and geometry to share? I’d be glad to hear!