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PMP Library Version 3.0 Released
API Simplicity
C++ Member Functions vs. Free Functions
A Framework for Better Documentation
Dieter Rams: Ten Principles for Good Design
C++17 Nested Namespaces


PMP Library Version 2.0 Released
Your Code Doesn't Have to Be a Mess
Keep it Simple, Over Time
Code Coverage Testing for C++
C++ Trailing Return Types
Unit Testing: Short and Sweet
One Week of Ray Tracing in Rust
Exceptions vs. Error Codes


Using clang-tidy with CMake
SGP 2021 Virtual Field Trip Report
Awesome Doxygen Style
Digital Gardens. Seriously?
A Minimalist Jekyll Style Guide
Generating Primitive Shapes in C++
Check for Broken Links in Jekyll
Generating Meshes of a Sphere
Generating Platonic Solids in C++


Graphics and Geometry Resources
Jekyll Website Performance Improvement
PMP Library at SGP
PMP Library Version 1.2.1 Released
Task Tracking and the Bullet Journal Method
PMP Library Version 1.2 Released


PMP Library Version 1.1 Released
Publication Pages Using Jekyll Collections
PMP Library Version 1.0 Released
SGP Summer School Presentations Online
Ray Tracing Books Online for Free
Unit Testing File I/O
Creating a Jekyll Bootstrap Template
On Software Testing in Research


Blog Comments Using GitHub
The Feynman Problem-Solving Algorithm
Practical Test Improvement
Unit Testing Geometric Algorithms
Markdown Cheat Sheet
Heilmeier's Catechism
Polishing the pmp-library Documentation
Glimpse of a Library
Jekyll Migration